What services are covered?

Light housekeeping (laundry, vacuuming, dusting, fridge, bath, pantry).
Maintenance of clothes.
The groceries and other errands.
Meal preparation (not diet).
Respite / babysitting * (family support, home care)

* Not covered by the financial aid department.

Who is eligible for $4 basic support for every hour of service rendered?
All persons aged 18 and over residing in Quebec under the Act respecting health insurance are eligible for basic financial assistance, regardless of their income. Those receiving compensation from a private plan or DIRECT ALLOCATION (CISSS) are not allowed this type of assistance.

Who is eligible for the variable $ 0.20 to $ 9.00 for every hour of service provided?
People 65 or older can benefit from using variable rates and those aged 18 to 64 who are referred by a local community service center (CISSS).

What are the areas served?
Urban Outaouais (sectors Hull, Aylmer and Gatineau).
MRC des Collines territories (municipalities of Cantley, Chelsea, La Pêche, Alcove, Duclos, East Adelfield, Edelweiss, Farm Point Farrelton, Glen Hollow, Lac des Loups, Lascelle, Masham, Rupert St-Pierre-de-Wakefield, Wakefield and Val-des-Monts).

Why use RMO?
You can build your own list of priorities and change as often as you want to include special projects.
We respect and use your products and accessories that you prefer to see used.
Our attendants training sessions followed, reliable, efficient and have their own transportation.
We are committed to sending you a replacement in case of absence and we guarantee the quality of his work.
If you are not satisfied, a replacement will be sent for your next session service.

Who are your services for?
Our services are open to all Quebec residents who live in the area we serve.

Do I have to be present at your services?
Not necessarily, some clients prefer to leave their key with the staff. You must notify the office. However, we recommend that you be present at the first service to establish your priorities.

Should I provide products and appliances?
Yes. We use cleaning products that you usually use as well as your appliances.

Who will come with me?
An domestic attendant will come to your home on the agreed day and be the same person assigned to your future services. It will be one person because we only work as a team in large households.

What does a regular household bathroom cleaning consist of?
The sink and countertop;
the walls around the lavatory;
The interior and exterior of the toilet;
The bath and its contour;
The mirror and accessories;
The floor.

Tile shower walls;
The cabinet under the sink (occasionally);
Sweep and / or vacuum;
Shine the faucet (sink, bath and shower).

What does a regular household kitchen cleaning consist of?
Vacuum and / or mop;
Wash the floor (not on knees);
Taking out the garbage;
Wash trash.

Clean up:
The exterior of the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer;
The cabinet below the sink (occasionally)
The sink, countertops, cabinet doors, the outside of the stove hood, filters and fan;
The inside and outside of the microwave oven;
The toaster, kettle and other visible furniture and kitchen appliances;
The window above the sink;
The patio door (inside and outside).

What consists a regular cleaning of other rooms, hallways, entrance and stairs?

The vertical and horizontal furniture surfaces;
Frames, lamps, woodwork, ceiling lights and heaters;
Trinkets, window edges, door frames;
Vertical and horizontal blinds (occasionally).

clean up:

Mirrors, smudges and fingerprints on doors, frames and switches;
Vacuum upholstered furniture;
Vacuum and / or mop floors, carpets, rugs, in closets and wardrobes;
The inside of windows and floors occasionally required.

What additional tasks can I ask my worker to do?
clean up:

The interior of the refrigerator;
Inside the electric stove (oven and round);
Storage space under the kitchen counter;
The drawers had utensils or other in the kitchen.

On demand:

Changing beds;
Washing and ironing;
Meal preparation;
Support and other races;
Respite / babysitting (additional costs).

Can I give a gift / tip to my attendant?
It is forbidden to take any form of gratuity, gift and / or material goods from customers, either for the employees, their children or other people around them. If insistence on the part of the customer, monetary donations should be reported immediately to avoid charges of theft. We ask our customers to please notify the RMO management in writing to be placed in the client and the employee file .